Artists Statement:

My interest in landscape has been a lifelong interest and has led me to research the complex history of visual and philosophical practices and the meanings that are contained within them. Understanding a sense of place begins with the realisation that we live not in a world of things, but of relationships in which psychological and physiological, tangible and intangible systems unite to form a synergistic whole.

In my artwork I am continually seeking to convey my interpretation of each place.  This means exploring the emotional impact of the place and finding an equivalent visual form to express it. When we visit a site we also bring with us memories of other places and events and this influences the way we interpret it. How these ideas and beliefs affect the translation of what we see before us is an intriguing question that will concern me for many years to come. My latest exhibition has focused on the infrequent flooding of the Lake Eyre basin in the centre of Australia.

  Flying over Lake Eyre in 2011 left me with the memory of a desert landscape inundated by a huge inflow of water  brought  by rivers flowing inland toward the centre of our great continent. Images of a contrasting world of dry desert and receding pools of water have remained with me long after the event, I remember intricate patterns etched on a dry landscape as it changed from a dry land populated by rolling sand dunes and shimmering saltpans to a huge watery inland sea.  Then - as the water retreats, channels formed in the dry red sand and patches of salt reclaim their place in the cycle of boom and bust - of a fertile environment reduced to its usual dry dusty visage.


Noela studied at Bendigo and Warrnambool to achieve her Bachelor of Arts degree then went on to gain a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts. This was followed by studies culminating in a Master of Arts in 1994 and a PhD titled ' Beyond Mimesis, Place Interpretation and Response' at Deakin University in 1998.

  Noela has exhibited in many national award exhibitions and has held twenty eight solo exhibitions - including one at Bath, England in 1992 and at Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen in Thailand in 2000 and Mojácar, Spain in 2005.
In 1995-8 she was the recipient of an Australian Government Post Graduate Award and in August 1998 was Artist in Residence at Arthur Boyd's property, 'Bundanon' in NSW. In 1998 Noela was the runner-up in the Outback Art Award at Broken Hill NSW and won the Bendigo Art Gallery 'Works on Paper' Prize in 2000. In 2000 Noela was Artist in Residence at Chiang Mai University and at Khon Kaen University in Thailand and in 2005 she was an Artist in Residence at the Fundacion Valparaiso at Mojacar in Spain.

She has works in many public collections, including: Artbank, Sydney, Chiang Mai University Thailand, Deakin University Art Collection, Broken Hill City Gallery, Riddoch Art Gallery Mt Gambier, Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain, The Art Gallery of Ballarat, The Bundanon Collection, University of Tasmania Launceston, The University of Ballarat, Warrnambool Art Gallery and in private collections throughout Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, England and the USA.

Noela now lives and works in Bendigo, north of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia.